Proper nutrition for liver diseases

Food group Recommended Not recommended
Bread and pastries Bread rolls, rusks, crispbread, mixed bread, wholemeal wheat bread, simple yeast pastries, sponge cake Fresh bread, cream and cream cakes, puff pastry, fat-fried pastries, fat yeast pastries
Egg dishes Eggs cooked in food, loose scrambled eggs, soft egg Fried egg or scrambled eggs with bacon
Fat(s) Vegetable margarine and oils, e.g. diet margarine, sunflower oil, wheat germ oil, maize germ oil, little butter Lard, superheated fat
Fish Low-fat fish varieties, e.g. haddock, redfish, saithe, plaice, cod Herring, carp, eel, mackerel, oil sardines, breaded fillet
Meat and meat products Lean meat, e.g. veal, chicken, beef, pork, lean ham, poultry sausage Bacon, fatty meat, breaded or hot-fried meat, fatty sausage
Vegetables and salad Carrots, young kohlrabi, broccoli, asparagus, fennel, spinach, chicory, endive, lamb’s lettuce, lettuce, beetroot, tomato, zucchini Onions, peas, beans, lentils, white cabbage, red cabbage, savoy cabbage
Cereals and cereal products Rice, oat flakes, semolina, noodles, millet, spelt flour, cereal porridge (whole grain if possible)
potatoes Boiled potatoes, puree, dumplings of boiled potatoes French fries, potato salad with mayonnaise, potato pancakes, fried potatoes
Milk and dairy products Milk (1.5% fat), buttermilk, low-fat yoghurt and kefir, skimmed curd cheese, cheese up to 30% fat in dry matter, condensed milk (4.0% fat) Very fat-rich cheeses, strongly flavored cheeses and cheese preparations
Fruit Ripe apples, apricots, bananas, strawberries, kiwi, ripe peaches, oranges, mandarins Unripe fruit, plums, gooseberries, currants, nuts
Sweets and condiments Sugar, jam and honey in small quantities; caraway, aniseed, cinnamon, fennel, fresh herbs, lemon juice Nougat, marzipan, pralines; strongly spiced, acetic acid and salted dishes, hot mustard, chili, garlic, paprika powder, horseradish
Beverages Mineral water, diluted fruit and vegetable juices, mild teas Highly carbonated beverages
STOP! Alcohol is forbidden!